There is no denying it, I'm a slightly unusual teacher. However I blame this on my passion, and my passion for you to pass (and to keep my high statistics!) I am also a bit of a computer geek, so have now merged the two together to bring you my new teaching apps!

Its no secret, these MCA exams are hard, so always looking at new ways to make your journey easier.

Thus, I have now created fredsapps.com so you can find my latest products, videos and teaching material. And yes, some are free! It’s always a “work in progress” but hope to add more learning platforms soon, so stay tuned.

If you don’t already know me from my immersive oral preparations courses www.fredsoralprep.com then here is a little bit more about me......

I worked in the yachting industry for 15 years; firstly starting on sailing boats and then moving across to the dark side, power. During my time as relief Captain I began teaching OOW modules at UKSA. This allowed me to move back ashore, as I had just become a new Dad. It was here talking with my students that the idea of Fred’s oral prep courses and beyond began.

Having completed my OOW/Master 3000gt Yacht in the new system, I personally understand the difficulties faced with undertaking the oral examination. And as one of the only MCA teachers from a yachting background, I saw the need in our industry to create a fresh new approach.

I take my pass rates seriously - therefore I do not diversify and concentrate solely on the Yacht OOW and Master courses to keep the quality and results extremely high. With MCA pass rates at approximately 53% per year (slightly more for Master) there is no room for error. I believe in quality not quantity, and not wasting anyone’s time – so have personally designed bespoke courses and Apps to cater for my fellow super yacht crew. In short I have created something I would have liked all those years ago