Fred's Oral Prep Videos


Everyone who wants to pass their oral exam and needs help.

These videos will allow you to understand and effectively answer oral exam questions. 

Use it to protect yourself against embarrassing/expensive re-sits.

Primarily it’s for Yacht MCA OOW 3000gt, however the syllabus is common across all oral exams therefore will also benefit M200gt, OOW Unlimited, Chief Mate Unlimited and Master 500/3000gt.

It’s my core OOW prep course, recorded with 35.5 hrs of streaming videos, 341 printable notes, suggested flashcards and 469 quiz questions.


Depending on your level you will need between 1-3 weeks with fast internet connection.

This is designed to allow you to study how and when you want.

Either subscribe to use it as pre-study or alongside a prep course for extra help.


You download my Fred’s Oral Prep Video APP on to your IOS device. Watch my Free videos, to see how this will make you pass! Then when you are ready subscribe to have full access.

Please be advised, this is a huge amount of information/content so you will need to be somewhere quiet and have fast internet.

Within the Video App each section is broken down into chapters and follows the complete syllabus. It has my core OOW videos - 35.5hrs, printable notes - 341pages, suggested flashcards, past exam audio debriefs, 469 quizzes (which will take 10hrs to get through) to monitor your progress. 

Extensive testing has shown to benefit fully you will need 2-3 weeks.

I update continuously, know I haven’t missed anything and you have the advantage of rewinding and pausing me! (Plus you are able to see me with more hair)

So what are you waiting for – be confident walking into your examination room and pass your oral exam first time!