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I didn’t have all the same charts as your questions so I had to skip working some videos?

 You can purchase the charts used in my app from all chart sellers see my resources/ downloads

How do I find the Tide tables or deviation card? 

These are all found on my resources / download page

My instructor’s style for radar plotting was a little different?

Every instructor will have a different method for teaching; there is no right way or wrong way. However everybody learns in different ways so having different ways to do something can be very helpful. The key is to make sure you have the right answer. I personally find math hard and as such try and teach a concept, hence as small amount of math but more an understanding on what the information means. For instance to calculate TCPA can be done mathematically or by stepping of the distance, both will produce the correct/same result. I would suggest doing it both ways, this allows you to cross check and make sure you have not made a mistake due to stress. (70% pass mark means it needs to be right!)

Why don’t you use the Crocodile Teeth or a Maths formulae method for secondary ports?

To calculate the computational rates for secondary ports can be done mathematically or graphically, I prefer to use the method shown in the Admiralty tide tables (this is the extract given in the exam) it shows doing it via a linear graph very similar to the RYA crocodile teeth.  I actually went aground on a yacht and had to work out a secondary port value from the book. I had been shown it in class many years ago the mathematical way but had since forgotten the math’s formulae. The instructions in the official book don’t mention any formulae but instead show a graph like the ones in my answers! Ever since that day I have taught it the way the book we have in the bridge suggests to do it. It would have saved me a very red face that day had I actually been able to understand the instructions in the Tide tables! I teach from the source material.

Would like to be able to view each question in the quizzes without having to go back through all the other questions?

Fully agree, this can be done in review mode see this youtube video below to show you.

Somequestions on Chart Quiz not showing full questions due to smaller screen size.

Fix coming

3b  The gyro course to steer to way point (WP) 1 with Coningbeg Light bearing 020°T distance 3’ if the current was estimated to be setting 195°T at 2 knots throughout

 4b Find the ships position and the ETA when abeam Mine Head light (51°56.9N 007°35.2W)

 5b What is the compass course to pass due South of the Bill of Portlandlight to ensure a danger angle of 0°32’? Due to southerly wind 10 ° leeway is expected

7b The Compass course to steer from this position to a way point with the GOODWIN FORK buoy bearing 286°T x 0.5’ (WP1) the ship is estimated to make 10° leeway due to a westerly wind


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